Fencing Solutions for Canberra, No Job Too Big or Too Small.

Fencing and Fences Canberra

Fencing and Fences Canberra is a locally owned business, servicing the ACT in all areas of supply and construction of fencing and fences. Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra. Our Prices are visible on our website, pay easily online with paypal. We can supply and install a range of fencing and fences for Canberra

Fencing and Fences Canberra – Colorbond Fencing 

  •                1.5 Metres High
  •                1.8 Metres High
  •                Choice of Colours
  •                Gates and Lattice Extensions.
  •                Supply and Install or Install Only

Fencing and Fences Canberra – Pool Fencing

  •                1.2 Metres High
  •                Metal Flat Top or Loop Top
  •                Choice of Colors
  •                Gates and Safety Latches
  •                Supply and Install or Install Only

Fencing and Fences Canberra – Glass Fencing

  •                12mm Toughened Glass
  •                1200 cm x 1200 cm panels
  •                80 cm x 1200 cm panels
  •                All glass panels comply with Australian Standards 2208/1288
  •                Frameless or Semi Frameless
  •                Supply and Install or Install Only

Fencing and Fences Canberra is a division of Group, a local Canberra business. We can meet your fencing requirements installed to Australian Standards. We can remove and dispose of old fencing and fences and replace with new. Boundary Fencing Payments are the responsibility of one person/land holder, we play no part in payment negotiations with additional parties.

JPB Group Canberra provides a range of services for your Landscaping and Gardening requirements.  Contact the JPB Group for Fencing and fences, Retaining Walls, Paving, Excavation, Gardening, Maintenance and Landscaping.